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Come Fly with the Professionals at Kite Houston

Kite Houston Kiteboarding School is located about half way between Houston and Galveston on I-45. Our  Founder and Senior Instructor, Rob Pelle, is certified to teach by the Professional Air Sports Association (PASA). We offer a full range of instruction from beginner lessons to advanced tricks. Our training area is one of the best places to learn in the world with access to a 5 square mile waist deep flatwater area in Galveston Bay and 15 miles of Gulf Coast beach front to ride in the waves.  We use the latest in training gear and all in-water lessons are accompanied by a Personal Safety Water Craft for the student’s protection and ease of coaching. Out of town students will enjoy the accommodations in our Kite Bunk House.

 What is Kiteboarding?
Conceived in the mid 1990's, Kiteboarding, also known as Kitesurfing, has become one of the fastest growing watersports in the world. As of the spring of 2007 there were an estimated 200,000 kiteboardiers world wide. 

Relying strictly on the wind, it combines the thrills of wakeboarding with the big air jumps of paragliding without the hassles. There's no boat to store, no motor to break down, no gas to buy. You're not at the mercy of a driver, you're the pilot. It's just you, the kite, and the wind. And you can jump big, I mean huge. To be skimming across the water at 20 mph, then lifted 20 feet in the air, touch down and keep on going. It's awesome, some of the most fun I've ever had standing up.

The kite is controled using a conrtol bar which is attached to the kite with either 2, 4 or 5 lines. It is normally hooked to a harness around the kiter's waist and can be unhooked for all sorts of tricks. 



 Our Mission:
"Our mission is to share our passion for this sport with as many folks as possible. To introduce them to the thrills of kiteboarding while at the same time teaching them to be responsible for their own safety, for the safety of others, and the protection of the environment so that we can enjoy this wonderful sport for years to come." - Rob Pelle

Learning to Kiteboard is fun, easy, and safe.
"Rob makes the safety lesson interesting with all of his great stories. His style of teaching begins with explanation and demonstration, then he helps you through it, and then he watches you practice and gives you pointers. He lets you go at your own pace. He never forces you do do anything that is uncomfortable, but encourages you to master each step before going to the next. He stays beside you every step of the way from flying the trainer kite, to self-rescue training, to body dragging and water-starting, to advanced tricks."

About Your Senior Instructor
Rob is an outdoor extreme sports junkie. He started as boy riding bikes through the woods, jumping logs and splashing through creeks long before mountain biking became popular. Then, as a boy scout he got hooked on high adventure and began backpacking, mountain climbing, and kayaking. He is now an avid mountain biker and white-water paddler, and also enjoys, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, kayak touring, and backpacking.

Rob discovered Kiteboarding in 1999 and became instantly hooked. In 2002 he trained under kite sport legend Jeff Howard and became one of Houston's first PASA Certified Kiteboarding Instructors. To become Certified by PASA, Rob had to be an expert kiteboarder. He had to demonstrate safe and responsible kiteboarding skills and operations. He had to become Red Cross Certified in first aid and CPR. He had to complete 40 hours of PASA training in kiteboarding instruction. He had to teach kiteboarding under the supervision of a PASA examiner.


The best training spot anywhere
The Texas City levy is by far the best training location I have ever seen. The water is flat and protected by a 5 mile long dike extending into the center of Galveston Bay. The water is waist deep for miles. The bottom is hard packed sand. The large grassy set up area keeps the sand out of your gear and will accommodate more than 100 kiters. And Texans are just the friendliest bunch you ever met. It just doesn't get any better than this.

If you want to ride in the waves, we also have access to more than 15 miles of Gulf coast beach front from the west end of the Galveston sea wall to San Louis Pass.